Be aware if you're out and about because the feathers are flying!

Fall wild turkey hunting season has begun here in Maine and will continue until November 7th.  Hunters using bow & arrow or a shotgun can take either one or two wild turkeys depending on which Wildlife Management District that they're hunting in.

Legal hunting hours are one-half hour before sunrise and then one-half hour following sunset.

For more information and details, as always go to the Maine Department of Fisheries and Wildlife website.

Back in the late 1800s wild turkeys were rooted out and done away with here in Maine, now, after being reintroduced to our state recently, there are "tens of thousands" of the bird here, according to Maine Department of Fisheries and Wildlife.  Travel any of Maine's roadways and this fact is pretty evident.

How does a cooked wild turkey taste?  Well, apparently pretty good according to Maine's hunters!  Here's some of the more popular wild turkey recipes from The Outdoor Channel.


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