I have lived in Maine all my life and have been through many a winter that has slapped my fanny. Still, in every winter there are always a few days -- however few -- of reprieve and what, by contrast, are lovely days. Great, right?

Well, not based on the responses I tend to get when I try to share my enjoyment of those days with other Mainers.

For example, on several occasions this winter when we have finally gotten some much needed sunshine or a glorious warm morning -- like this morning -- I'll be out on my walk and say to a passerby, "Beautiful day!" or "Nice temps!" to which the reply is inevitable: "Yeah, but tomorrow is supposed to be horrible."

Not that I am always positive for every situation but seriously, what's up with that? Why can't we take a moment and just enjoy what isn't horrible?

My mother's saying is, "anything well dreaded is half done." Perhaps that's it. Or, if winter has really gotten in your craw, maybe it's just the "misery loves company" theory.

Either way, I've decided to stay positive should the walking shoe be on the other foot. If someone feels inspired to share with me their appreciation of a nice winter day, I pledge to curb my Mainer's urge to say, "Yeah, but ..."

Instead, I'll smile and say, "It is. Isn't it."

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