Imagine growing up with a certain item that has been around since you were very young. This particular item is something your dad made, and it's been in your family's home for as long as you can remember. It's something so special to you, that when your parents pass, it's something you home to keep in your home to remember them by.

Now imagine someone accidentally sells this item and it disappears into the unknown.

That's exactly what happened to Sherri Sawyer a couple of weeks ago.

Sawyer said she had recently had a conversation with her dad, Larry, about wanting the desk she had grown up with, once her parents passed.

The desk has been stored for the past few years in Larry's workshop.

Well, while cleaning out his workshop on September 1st, Larry put a bunch of stuff by the side of the road, in front of his house, with a for sale sign.

Stack of one hundred dollars bills on wooden desk

In the lot for sale, Larry accidentally included Sherri's roll-top desk, and someone came by and purchased it.

This is a picture of her dad, in front of the workshop Sherri says he would have removed the desk from.

Lost desk, Sherri Sawyer
Lost desk, Sherri Sawyer

In desperation, Sherri reached out through social media and some local swap and sell groups to see if anyone could help her find a lead on who may have purchased the desk, as she would like to buy it back from them, and is willing to pay double the price.

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"I am looking for information regarding who bought a roll top desk from my dad yesterday in Winterport, corner of Rt 139 and Rt 69. He made this when I was a child and my whole life I have wanted his desk. He has dementia and forgot that he told me I could have it. I am willing to pay double what you bought it for. Please if you bought this or if anybody knows who did please reach out to me."

Sawyer hopes the folks who bought the desk will learn of this mistake, understand the situation and ultimately reach out to reconnect her with the desk.

If you have any leads for this lady, you can leave them right on her Facebook Post, or message us at the radio station and we can put you in touch with her.

Wishing Sherri the best for a happy outcome and hope the desk makes it back home to her.

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