Now that's hauling ass.

New Hampshire State Troopers working together last night at about 8 on Route 16 in Rochester stopped a blur and got a Massachusetts man to pull over and stop after being clocked driving 142 miles per hour.

When Troopers got the Porsche to pull to the side by the Rochester Toll Plaza, they arrested 20 year-old Christopher N. Fren Franklin, Massachusetts.  Fren now faces a Reckless Driving charge in New Hampshire which could result in a minimum fine of $500 and a suspension of license for six months.

Fren certainly is a Porsche fan, and after looking over some of his social media posts, may even be part of a car club in the Boston area.  One You Tube video shows Fren transporting a Christmas tree tied to the top of his car as he drives through a tunnel and the street of Boston.  Another video shows him racing his Porsche across an abandoned airfield somewhere.

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Fren was released from jail on bail and will face his charges in court this coming May.  The majority of Facebook comments left on the New Hampshire Troopers Association's post were favorable that Fren was caught and taken off the road last night, although some were surprised that he was released from jail so early after driving so fast on Route 16 in a metro area.

One commentator went so far as to suggest building a wall between Massachusetts and New Hampshire, but as far as we can tell and probably predict, that's not in the budget.


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