Happy National Love Your Pet Day! At the end of most day you'll here me say I am going home to mush my bunny.  Today say hello to Rupert that very smooched upon rabbit.

Throughout my life I have had many a kitty and several dogs and three rabbits. I must admit I have become very hooked on house bunnies.  On the up side bunnies are quiet, and sweet, they are easy to box train and their poop doesn't smell.  On the down side they have to chew to keep their teeth short, they are not fond of being picked up and they really don't play interactive games.

I am taking this opportunity today to write about this type of pet not just because of National Love Your Pet Day but also because we are coming into a season where many people buy buns because it's Easter and they are cute without really understanding the whole commitment they are making.

Bella bun
Bella bun

For example my first bun loved to dig tunnels in the snow, cuddle and use to untie my shoelaces after I got home from my walks. Bun number 2 was a kissy little princess who would pop up in the bed and snuggle. She loved running in the yard and laying in the sun. Rupert is a quiet bun who let's me give him kisses and will do the occasional spunky jump and run but mostly he love to eat. Point is bunnies are smart and need time to run and be social with their person.  It is also the onus of a bunny owner to make a safe place for them to be and give them allowable things to chew.

All in all just like dogs and cats there are things bunny owners need to understand and be up for in order to have a wonderful life for you and your bunny.

So here is my offer.  If you are ever thinking of a rabbit for a pet give me a call with any questions you might have. You can also check out the site for the House Rabbit Society.

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