The new tire is called UPTIS which is the acronym for  Unique Puncture-proof Tire System.

Michelin citing the that 20% of scrapped ties each year are from punctures or irregular wear due to improper inflation. With that thought in mind they believe these new tire are not only better for us but also better for the environment. In the video they show how the tire can run over just about anything and not even hiccup. They asl tout that we'll feel more secure knowing we won't get a  flat and that businesses that use drivers will save money with less down time for changing tires. The company adds that these tires use less raw material to make . Doesn't sound bad but before you go looking for them you should know that we won't be seeing them on cars much before 2024.

The comments on the YouTube page were mixed. Many were questioning if the sides would truly be open allowing the tires to load up with snow, ice and rocks putting the tires out of balance.There were also worries that if a tire can't be punctured that is could keep law enforcement from using spike strips. While others were very excited to give them a try yet still more were skeptical about how much the new and wonderful tire would cost.  All good thoughts and questions.  I'm sure as there reality comes closer they will be addressed meantime it's an interesting idea.

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