Wow! There are lots of critters running around Scott Hayden's backyard in Penobscot County.

We all did many things during the Coivd-19 pandemic to pass the endless amount of long days and nights, wondering when this would all be over, but for most people, it involved binge-watching shows, or baking and cooking. One Maine man had something else in mind.

Scott Hayden, who resides in the Milford area, used the free time he suddenly had an abundance of, to set up a YouTube channel that captures all of the animals that roam around his multi-acre property. He would spot them regularly, and figured that he should share this with all of us, for a little entertainment.

Let's face it, we are now officially in the dead of winter here in Maine, so there are all sorts of animals out there wandering around, and Scott has captured some beautiful images of a herd of deer, black bears, and coyotes!

Maine Wildlife Trail Videos posts weekly videos of the deer, black bear, moose, owls, bobcat, coyote, turkey, raccoon, porcupine, rabbits, and other wildlife that come near his large array of trail cameras that he has set up.

Since he started the channel and posted his first video, way back in May of 2020, the offerings have racked up thousands of views from people all over the world. As of today, well over half a million to be exact! Pretty impressive.

Check out his channel at Maine Wildlife Trail Videos.

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