We love a happy ending.

Last Saturday, some residents of Bangor and a few who work at or around Bangor International Airport witnessed a male moose wandering around the area.  Of course witnessing an animal of this size is not a daily occurrence in Bangor.

Apparently, Monty, no his mother did not give him that name but those who viewed his photos did, quietly disappeared until he was found by an employee of the Bangor International Airport this past Thursday morning.

Unfortunately, the big moose had become stuck in a swampy area and was slowly fading away while mired in the muck.

All sorts of people then came to the big guy's rescue, including employees of the Bangor International Airport, the United States Department of Agriculture, City of Bangor employees, and a wildlife biologist.

After some pretty hard and very dirty work, Monty the Moose was freed from the swamp.  Although judging from the Facebook photos taken yesterday, the poor animal was extremely fatigued, and couldn't get up.

The photos also show the moose being tagged by the biologist so that his movements can be tracked through the woods of Maine.  Monty was released once again somewhere within the wild of Maine last night.  After sitting for a while, he got up and casually wandered back into the woods.

Let's hope that he stays there, and lives a very happy and long life!

All animal lovers across our great state thank everyone involved yesterday.  Good job!

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