Many people venture into the state of Maine to catch a glimpse of a Moose's sheer size and majesty. Now imagine two of them coming to blows on your deck.These moose actually live in Blue River, Colorado. The guy on the deck says that moose on his property is nothing new. In fact,a Moose cow and her calf had just been there feeding on his willow tree. He is guessing that the smell of a girl is what brought the two bucks nosing around, only to find each other. Kind of a dude looks like a lady moment. One of the moose was larger and presumes older and soon convinced the smaller male to vamoose...pun intended.

Anyways, it is interesting to see them interact and when the younger one starts to back up the stairs to the deck our videographer takes that as his cue to get out of the way.  He assures the viewer that neither moose nor deck were hurt during the making of this video.

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