It never ends with the doom and gloom for things that bite us.

You don't have to dig too hard anywhere on the internet to find that every insect that annoys human beings, are now increasing in every way. Ever heard of ticks? Hahaha... But every year, another bug has the fast track to immortality through sheer numbers because of some nature-y reason.

There's more mosquitoes because of this, there's more black flies because of that. At this point, I'm assuming it's never going to end. Things will just get worse until I die, right? Eventually mosquitoes will take over the Earth. Or at least most of Maine. So, any guesses as to the new kid on the block to ruin summer?

Yellow Jackets.

Sure, it had to be those. I mean, we never got swept up in the issue of murder hornets. We all that was going to play out much worse. But yellow jackets kinda suck. Well worse, they'll just sting you repeatedly until they're bored. And others will want to join in the fun. Yay. So why will be seeing more of them?

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Climate change, frankly. Whatever the cause, is irrelevant. But, our winters are getting historically shorter due to warmer temps. This just gives jerks like yellow jackets a jump on the season. And with warmer fall seasons, they hang out longer too. It's a cycle, as you see. But that's the gist of it, according to WMTW.

There's all sorts of things you can try and do to mitigate the situation. And it's been my personal experience that trial and error will help you find what's best at your house. But man... Just once I'd like to hear some mean bug was disappearing in droves.


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