Smartphones everywhere will have 157 new emoji to choose from sometime in the second half of 2018!  Here's a first look at them all!

One of the new emoji will be what is probably the most annoying pest on the planet, the mosquito!  Ouch!  The other is the lobster, our beloved Maine crustacean treat!

It's been a long process for quite a few folks here in the pine tree state, and kudos to everyone who finally pulled it off, including Maine Senator Angus King who Tweeted out the good news yesterday.


Hey, how about that signature? Get It?  Cow emoji signifies "Angus" while the crown clues you in on the King part.  Pretty deep stuff.

Now with all the past lobbying in this state to make an emoji lobster available, one would assume that the cooked red lobster is actually from Maine and not Massachusetts.  Oh, the horror of it all if it were!


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