All around New England, and the United States, you will find beautiful scenery, big cities, and quiet little towns. Heck, there are towns that you may not even spot on your GPS or looking at a map online unless you zoom in real close.

Every state also has at least one town that is hard to pronounce, unless you are a local of course, but other than having a hard-to-pronounce town name, some have a town that makes you say "what made someone choose that name?"

For instance, there is a town called Bland in Missouri and Blue Ball in Arkansas. Granted I do not know much about either state, but I now wonder if Bland, MI, is a boring town.

New England states are no exception to this. Granted there are many towns that make us question "why," but certain ones stood out to me as I searched through Google Maps.

Below are what I believe to be the most bizarre town names in each New England state:

Connecticut: Happyland... This town's name honestly sounds like a theme park. I mean come on, not everyone can be super happy all the time.

Maine: Bald Head... I feel like this is self-explanatory. Why Bald Head, and not Head Full of Hair?

Massachusetts: Braggyville... Not going to lie, this town makes me feel like it is too "cool" and that everyone holds their head high with their noses in the air.

New Hampshire: Dummer... Granted there is no "b," but this is how we pronounce the word "dumber," why name a town that?

Rhode Island: Moosup Valley... This town name kind of hurts my eyes if we are being honest. What is "Moosup"? Sounds almost like "mess up." Now, I just want to say, "Clean this Moosup!"

Vermont: Bread Loaf... It sounds like someone was writing their grocery list when coming up with this town name.

Obviously, there are more New England towns that should be added to the list. Granted I don't think that they are the most bizarre, but they are definitely worth mentioning.

Other Connecticut towns with bizarre names are Moosup, Old Lyme, and Terramuggus.

Bald Head isn't the only weird town name in Maine, others include Bath, Friendship, Industry, Owls Head, Shady Nook, and Strong.

Massachusetts has some town names that are really "out there": Belchertown, Bliss Corner, Braintree, Felchville, Mashpee, Old Furnace, Satans Kingdom, Teaticket, and Whately.

Again, these are only some of the other bizarre town names that you can find in New England.

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