Registration is open for this summer's Wicked Muddy Mainer, and watching the promo will give you a much-needed breath of summer.

If you've never heard of it, the Wicked Muddy Mainer is an endurance course. It's an obstacle course. Okay, it's a super-fun big mess that you can run through and get really dirty. Located off River Road in Orrington, it features walls to climb, ropes to traverse, and big pits of mud to fall into.

I've personally never done the Wicked Muddy Mainer, but it looks like a lot of fun. And I know that it's a really popular event because, on WMM weekend, vehicles line Route 15. I've seen the pictures and some videos, but the new promo really shows what the July event is all about. Lots of smiles, lots of laughter, and more mud than you can imagine.

Now, I know it's only January and we're all thinking about getting through the next snowstorm. But registration is open for this summer's Wicked Muddy Mainer and this is a great time to get signed up. You can spend the rest of the winter looking forward to taking part in it. Start training now to stay out of the mud as much as possible. Or, start stocking up on all the soap you'll need to clean it all off when you're done.

The Wicked Muddy Mainer is coming up on July 2 at the Thornton Family Campground, off Route 15 in Orrington, so get your team together and start planning to have some dirty fun this summer. Find more information and get signed up on the Wicked Muddy Mainer website.

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