Worried about getting stuck in the snow? This might just be exactly what you need!


I don't know one Mainer who doesn't have a story about getting seriously stuck. In Maine you have TWO options - snow AND mud! I have been stuck in both. So, when you don't have access to a couple of really strong men to push you out of the mud/snow - try Trac-Grabber. You probably have jumper cables in your car. Keep these suckers in there too!


This was created out of necessity and is now a must have. It's used for traction and attaches to your wheels and uses the vehicle’s own power to get you unstuck. Think of it as your 'two big men'. Keep it in your car for emergencies!

It can be used for both 2-wheel drive, or 4-wheel drive. I have driven arorund with hundreds of pounds of sand in my car/truck. I have even resorted to kitty litter. Or AAA. Move over kitty litter, I got me the Trac-Grabber! (By the way, kitter did not work, but seemed so smart).

Here's the best part. It's easy to attach, so ladies YOU can do this and it fits two-wheel or four-wheel drive cars. Yes, even four-wheel drive cars get stuck! Once you are unstuck...take them off and put them back in your vehicle! Two winters ago, turning around in someone's driveway I got stuck! it was ridiculous.



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