We all have it; that one thing we feel absolutely and utterly naked without. On those rare occasions we forget this, it throws our entire day out of whack. So today, we want to know: What's the one thing you never leave home without?

JStew: Generally speaking, like most folks, my phone is the one thing I always try to remember to grab on the way out the door. I do everything with my phone. Except use it as a phone, hahaha. I use it for texting, emailing, internet searching, etc. But if there's one thing I hate doing with it, it's talk. But really my wife is in control of most things. She's the "over prepared" one that is almost always totally prepared for all the things I thought I didn't need. What would I do without her?!?!

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Cori: Needless to say, no one gets very far without their keys. So that's probably number one on my list, followed by my phone. Being in charge of 4 kids, if they're not right with me, that phone is essential to keep track of them. Plus, I'm terrible with directions, so if I'm supposed to be going anywhere I'm not familiar with, my phone turns in to my GPS. So there's that.

We asked what it was for you that was a must have when you walk out the door. Here's what you had to say!

Thomas Graban My hearing aid sometimes I forget it on purpose so I dont have to hear the maintenance guy

Becca Avery Cell phone

Terence Man-Ching Lee Pants

Greg Miller Facebook wouldn't like my answer if I posted it so

Kelly Mahar Water

Melanie Makin @Kelly Mahar At first I thought that said "walter" and I wondered who Walter is!

Brad Rice Clothes

Shawnna Farley My phone

Snowman I wouldn’t leave home without my Leatherman I’ve done it before and it’s not good I use that for everything

Jason Lawler My head. Can't function without it

HS Hall My house keys.

Mary Sullivan @HS Hall I totally seconded that!

Marissa Rae Grindle Phone, wallet, keys, mask

Mike Avery Jr. My bag o tricks. My wife calls it my purse. I carry essential items such as super glue, screwdrivers and charging cords

Dennis Bean Shirt and shoes...without those...NO SERVICE!!

And for the our favorite answer of all...

David Shorey J Stew and cori


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