Governor Janet Mills is welcoming a new directive from the U.S. CDC regarding a shortened quarantine period for some people with COVID-19.

What are the New Guidelines for People with COVID-19?

According to the new directive, the CDC has shortened the recommended isolation time from 10 to 5 days for people with COVID-19, if they are asymptomatic. In addition, they are advised to wear a mask when around others for an additional 5 days. The change is attributed to science that health officials say proves that the majority of viral transmission occurs early in the course of the illness, generally in the 1 to 2 days prior to the onset of symptoms and the 2-3 days after symptoms appear.

Governor Janet Mills says she welcomes the new guidance.

With these updated recommendations, more Maine people will now be able to return to their lives safely and more quickly, and that can help keep our economic recovery moving forward, keep our kids in schools, and be with our loved ones during this important time of year.

She went on to encourage residents to get vaccinated, including the COVID-19 boosters, to protect themselves.

What if You've been Exposed to COVID-19?

The U.S. CDC is  also updating recommendations for people who have been exposed to COVID-19. For people who are unvaccinated or are more than 6 months out from their second dose (or more than 2 months from the Johnson & Johnson vaccine) and not yet boosted, the CDC is recommending a quarantine period of 5 days followed by strict mask use for an additional 5 days. However if a 5-day quarantine is not feasible, health officials say it's important to wear a well-fitting mask at all time when around other people, for 10 days after exposure to the virus.

If you've had your booster, the U.S. CDC says you don't have to quarantine following exposure, but should wear a mask for 10 days.

When Should I Get Tested?

Everyone should get tested for COVID 5 days after exposure to COVID-19. If symptoms occur, people should immediately quarantine until a negative test confirms those symptoms are not attributable to COVID-19.

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