The 16 mile-long Katahdin Woods & Waters National Monument park Loop Road can hold a lot of surprises.  Download the new Loop Road Interpretive Map and cut down on a few of them before you wander the 87,500 acres of pristine Maine woods!

Planning a trip to Maine's new National Monument? Then you NEED this new map produced by The Friends of Katahdin Woods & Water National Monument and the National Park Service!  Find it HERE, and then print out a copy before you take to the woods!

Not only does it tell you where great landmarks like a Spruce Fir Cinnamon Fern Swamp is, but it also informs where your more than likely to see moose, Canadian Lynx and other wildlife.  Oh, it also warns you where one would encounter logging trucks on the gravel roads as well.

From road hazards to picnic areas, this map is pretty darn cool!  Don't venture into the Monument to hike, bike or bird watch without it!


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