Ask a thousand Mainers, get a thousand different answers.

When it comes to shoveling snow, I can see where most people would think Mainers are pretty much experts on the subject. We get all kinds of snow, all winter, and have to constantly do our part to keep the snow out of the way. Be it by hiring a plow guy, firing up the snowblower, or when to just plain old shovel.

But what if you're new here? Like, presumably form a place where there isn't much, if any, snow. Would it really be that difficult of a decision to figure out when might be a good idea to get outside and start the business? For us, obviously not. But for a flatlander from away, this might be a real question.

The true Maine answer is... it's always time to shovel.

So u/Groundbreakingup asked folks on Reddit, when they should start thinking about the shoveling process. They were curious whether to do it now or wait till it's over. Well, in my personal opinion, I'd look at the forecast. Sure, it's 40 something degrees out right now, but what about when everything freezes back up again?

At that point, it'll be too late and the ground will just be a crusty frozen landscape of icy doom for your shovel. But also, who wants to go out before it's over and have to deal with heavy, wet snow? Also no fun. So in true Mainer fashion, the correct answer is to do it a few times. Give your back a rest and do it while it's easy.

It's true. Even with a snowblower. You gotta do what you gotta do. But for my money, and most of the commenters in the thread... do it often, to do it right.

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