Feel free to add a few more F bombs on your own, we are.

A new public service campaign for the Mental Health Coalition comes right out and  expresses what a lot of us are feeling as the year 2020 winds down, as participants in the video give the infamous middle finger to different aspects and happenings of what has certainly been one of the most unique years in just about anyone's lifetime.

Now granted that this video that's been viewed almost a half-a-million times at this writing doesn't exactly produce that "holly jolly" sort of feeling that one comes to expect at this time of the year, as Christmas cheer is nowhere to be found within it, but it leaves no certain two words unheard in summing up how a lot of folks feel about particular things. If you can't handle numerous f**k yous, then you probably don't want to engage this video.

The Mental Health Coalition and it's partners are "working together to end the devastating stigma surrounding today's most prevalent public health crisis", according the the organization's website.

We guess that what the campaign is telling us is that when things are dark and frustrating it's always good to find the humor in things to protect our own well being.  We guess.

So what would you add to the mix?

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