Seems that once love has gone south some of us need to do something a little more extreme to get closure.  In Oregon a animal rescue has come up with a clever way to help us do that and feed the bears.

Now before you call the airport and buy that person a ticket to Oregon you should know that they really just put that persons name on a salmon and them hand it over to the bear and let nature do the rest.

So here is how it works , according to KTLV

The rescue, Wildlife Images asks for a $20.00 donation.  Once received they will assign a salmon with your ex's name on it. After that one of their Kodiak bear aptly named Kodi and Yak will take care of salmon and ex in just a few bites.  To commemorate your Valentine's Day revenge of sorts you'll also receive a special certificate and photo of your bear in action.

If you would like to participate in 'Catch and Release' Click here for the details and donation page

FYI the El Paso Zoo does a similar program called "Quit Bugging Me" where your ex's name is attached to a cock roach (a bit more symbolic don't you think) and then fed to a meerkat. Awww. Best of all you can tune into their live meerkat webcam and watch the whole hairy event.

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