People who own animals need hay delivered all the time.

No surprise there. You figure if you own cows, horses, whatever... You're always going to need hay. I suppose some farms have enough property that they can set aside a certain amount of land for growing their own, but other folks will need to have it brought in. This was the case for Bobbi-Jo Southard in Newburgh.

But a couple of days ago, Bobbi-Jo got a little extra sumpin'-sumpin' in her delivery. She told me the whole story over the phone after a friend of mine posted a cute photo on Facebook. You never know what you're gonna find in the hay, but would you expect to find a whole family of cats?

Where did Mama go?

Bobbi-Jo said when she got hay delivered recently, that as they were unloading it, all of a sudden, a cat came shooting out of the hay and took off running. A moment later, she noticed there were still three kittens left behind, that might have been at most, two weeks old.

She said they kept the kittens in the barn overnight, hoping maybe the Mama kitty would come back to tend to her little kitties. Sadly, so far, Mama hasn't come back. So Bobbi-Jo went and got all the tools needed to care for the littlest, tiniest kittens. She's already arranged for homes for all three of them... Two to a family member and one to a friend.

This isn't the first time, either...

If you can believe it, This isn't the first time this has happened to her. She said a few years ago they had hay delivered, and there were two kittens discovered in that load. Those two were not in anywhere near as good shape as the ones found this week. They had infections galore and needed professional treatment.

Right now, Bobbi-Jo will bottle feed these kittens until they reach the right age, then they'll be off to their forever homes. Personally, I'm just glad these kitties ended up in a place where they were quickly discovered and well cared for. Bobbi-Jo is awesome. So are baby kitties. Thankfully, a happy ending all around.


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