We ALWAYS find it inspiring when young people show a big time passion for classic rock!

We wrote about 20 year-old Allivia Lorusso last week, when Aerosmith posted a video of her playing "Walk This Way" on their social media accounts, and now, thanks to NewsCenterMaine, we get to learn a little more about her!

This girl from Maine REALLY loves music by Aerosmith!  "The second I heard it, I knew I wanted to pick up electric guitar.  It was so simple and raw and energetic, that it just ignited a flame in me", Allivia tells NewCenterMaine.

So how did she react when she heard that Aerosmith had posted her video?  " I was at work and I just like freaked out, and honestly, I went to the computer and put on Aerosmith and just blasted it, and listened to them because I was like so hyped!"

Allivia Lorusso dreams of meeting Joe Perry, the iconic Aerosmith guitarist, and we really hope that it happens soon!  We can just picture her onstage someday with Perry and Brad Whitford, living the dream!

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