Nikki Sixx spent decades on the road with Mötley Crüe — and has recently toured with Sixx:A.M. — but it sounds like he's finally had enough of being away from home.

Sixx shared his decision in a recent Facebook update, pointing out he'd "been playing in bands and touring the world for 40 years" and stating bluntly, "I have no immediate tour plans unless I get a wild hair up my ass or something or somebody really inspirational comes along."

While he's home, however, Sixx is still keeping busy. Saying he's been "writing music nonstop," he added that he's also been "recording with other artists, taking vocal, bass and guitar lessons, and focusing on photography." Noting that he's made plenty of money — which "has never been and isn't a driving force for me" — he wrote, "I guess I'm unofficially retired or maybe just expired at this time. ... Nice to give 100 percent of my time to my wife and kids."

Lest fans freak out over Sixx's off-the-cuff announcement, he quickly made it clear he has no plans to stop releasing music — or step away from his Sixx Sense radio show — anytime soon. "Got a couple SixxAm albums coming out soon and one book this year," he continued. "Sixx Sense radio is the biggest syndicated radio show in the world and that going on eight years. .... I got two  books in the works and I am in talks to develop a TV show (not reality) as well as The Dirt for Netflix and The Heroin Diaries play. .... YUP,I AM RETIRED.. HAHA"

As Blabbermouth notes, Sixx's diminished enthusiasm for the road follows recent hip-replacement surgery, which he underwent in April to fix a bone that "just basically disintegrated from where they sawed it off. ... I'd actually earned this surgery."

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