It's been three years since this whole pandemic roller coaster began.

It's crazy. In some ways, it's flown right by. In others, it's been the most grueling lesson in life patience. But if nothing else, the last three years have tested everyone's patience to the extreme. It doesn't matter who you are. This isn't something that's unique to one group or other. Not to say some folks have taken more of the brunt of it than others.

One issue that's been the hottest button of all is masking. Throughout the duration of this entire pandemic, it's been a very polarizing topic that has come to kind of a slow stop. But hospitals have been among those facilities still enforcing masks. But today, there's a big change here in the Bangor area and beyond.

Northern Light Health Facilities will no longer require masking, but...

There are some obvious exceptions. According to a press release from Northern Light Health, masking for staff and patients will no longer be required, but folks visiting a facility for an infusion will need to mask. And it will also still be required at the Northern Light Cancer Care Center. Also, folks exhibiting any kind of respiratory infection will still be required to mask up, fever or no fever.

But generally speaking, if you're in the hospital, or at a doctor's appointment, or other such visits, you will not be required to wear a mask. Now, if you're feeling like you want to wear a mask, it's totally acceptable. In fact, if it makes you more comfortable, you can even ask your provider to wear one, and they'll comply.

It's been a long time coming, and it'll surely cause a little awkwardness. Imagine folks who work at the hospital that basically haven't seen the faces of their co-workers for the first time in three years?! On the other hand, here at my job, I'm surprised they haven't asked me to put my mask back on. Anyway... onto happier days!

I wonder if any Northern Light Health employees are hiding new face tattoos that we'll all see now.

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