Last Friday before we left for the day, we got talking about unique skill sets. So we were wondering, what's a skill you have that you're good enough at to teach someone else? Is it cooking, fishing, playing guitar...?

JStew: It's strange, I have a few teachable skills under my belt, but in most of the cases where I've tried to show them to other people, I'm always reminded that I'm not that good a teacher. Learning new things is pretty awkward for me anyway, so teaching something feels ten times worse. However, if I had to choose, obviously I could teach a bit about drumming. Maybe not so much about reading music anymore, but if I had an afternoon, I could definitely have someone playing basic beats. I could probably also show a few things in the kitchen. I'm no world renowned chef, but I can hold my own and fix a decent meal, and likely show you how to do it as well. Anything beyond those two....meh, not much I show. Other than how to be a complete moron, but no one likely needs my help with that anytime soon.

Cori: I have learned, over the years, that while I am not the best cook, so to speak, I make 2 things that both help and protect people, and have shared those recipes and methods with others. About a decade ago, I came across a great recipe to make homemade bug repellant. I was skeptical at first, but after the first season of using it, I was a believer. And the second thing I can do is make a mean batch of elderberry syrup--for WAY cheaper than you could buy it at the store. Even though I feel like a witch, brewing a smelly potion when I make it--it's worked at my house to either shorten the duration or prevent altogether colds and flus from taking over the family. And I have taught dozens of people to make their own batches. That's pretty much it. I can help you boost your immune system and repel things. Those are my skills.

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You guys have some pretty cool skills to share. Let's see if we can inspire other people. Let's share...

Paul Keezer I'm skilled at drinking beer...I know the right way to hold a beer, pour a beer, and finally....drink a beer...for over 50 years...I've never had a complaint.....
Doug Springer I can teach a Back Flip!
Cheryl McManus How to be a sarcastic Bitch. I excel in that skill
Greg Miller As an automotive service technician for 30+ years I have too many skills to choose just one.
Mary Klein Drouin Baking
Kari Jo Davis Living on a tight budget is my jam.
Paul from MDI JStew makes a badass chicken soup, probably better than his drumming.
Dennis My skill is painting and airbrushing!!!!! I'm currently teaching my daughters!!!!!
Darren I can teach people how to use heavy machinery

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