Most of us haven't had a haircut in weeks. Yes, we're either turning into a very hairy tribe or one with very bad improvised haircuts.

An online petition has started here in Maine that asks the state's government to allow hairstylists to begin seeing one client at a time starting April 27.

The online petition goes on to say that "all necessary precautions and sanitation protocols approved by the state of Maine would be followed" and that hairstylists would be required to wear a face mask and gloves.

It goes on to essentially ask how the described situation would be any more dangerous than "20 or more people in a grocery store or 10 plus people at restaurants picking up food."

As of this writing 9,139 have signed the petition, with the goal being 10,000.

Some of the comments left behind call hair salons an "essential business," that most hair stylists are self-employed and cannot collect unemployment benefits, and that hairstylists themselves want to go back to work.

What do you think?  Are hair salons an essential business?

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