Between Black Sabbath and his solo career, Ozzy Osbourne has been one of the most famous frontmen in hard rock for decades. We've found photos of Ozzy from all but one year between 1969 and 2023.

We were unable to track down a picture from 1979, the year he was fired from Black Sabbath for his excessive substance abuse. The band's decision forced him to strike out on his own, where he soon hooked up with rising guitar wunderkind Randy Rhoads for Blizzard of Ozz. It arguably brought him greater fame -- and more than his share of controversial moments - than he enjoyed in Black Sabbath, with whom he's periodically reunited. Along the way, he's gone from being perceived as responsible for societal ills to a much-loved celebrity.

Although he's had several commercial peaks and valleys since then, he's remained in the public eye, even becoming a reality TV star in the '00s with the success of MTV's The Osbournes, which introduced us inside his life with his wife Sharon and their children, Jack and Kelly. Our gallery below reflects every side of Ozzy that we've seen, from album covers and video shots to concert footage to red-carpet moments with his family. You'll also see him with friends like Lady Gaga, Vince Neil and Marilyn Manson.

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And even though he's the self-described "Prince of Darkness," he's not always dressed in gloomy all-black. You'll see a surprising amount of bright outfits, including the sparkly blue number from the "Lightning Strikes" video, which was from that period when he experimented with blond streaks in his hair. Check it all out below.

Ozzy Osbourne Year by Year Photos

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