Hard rain and heavy wind hit most of Eastern Maine overnight. Many folks woke up without power or to flooded basements and backyards.

The damage from so much rain falling in such a short amount of time could be seen in low-lying parking lots and roads throughout the area.

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The Penobscot County Sheriff's Office had to shut down a large section of the popularly traveled Pushaw Rd. in Glenburn Saturday morning after the storm completely washed it away.

According to their Facebook Page:

"Please be aware, the Pushaw Road in Glenburn between the Orono Road and Lakeview Road is closed due to storm damage.
Several other areas throughout the county have experienced trees down, flooding and debris in the roads. Please use caution while traveling throughout the day."

WABI TV 5 reported that the Glenburn Fire Department happened to be there taking video of the area when the road gave out.

If you do have to travel today, authorities advise that you proceed with caution in spots that are well known to suffer from flooding when conditions are particularly rainy.

The Maine Department of Transportation says that if you should come upon a road crew working in a flooded area, move over and make room for them to do their job safely.

"When you’re driving and see flashing lights on the side of the road, #MoveOver so everyone can work safely."

MDOT officials say it could take a few days to fix the area of Pushaw Road that has been washed away. Folks who travel that route should be ready to be detoured around that area in the meantime.

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