I live in Hampden, so my wife and I go to that Pat's location quite often. They have gluten free crust for her, and I religiously get the same pizza I've been getting since I was a little kid... small regular, with canned mushrooms and onions. I honestly can't remember a time when I ever really got anything else on a pie.

Some months back, we noticed that there was a lot of digging and concrete pouring going on out back.

Hampden Pat's Facebook

Fast forward to just before the holidays, and I saw a card on the table that said they were going to have to close down briefly while they moved all the furnishings and equipment into their new space.

Hampden Pat's Facebook

The card, at the time, made it sound like they were going to be closed for quite an extended period, and I began to get a small amount of anxiety, thinking about where I would get my special little pizza. Well no fears on that front, because their new building is open.

Hampden Pat's Facebook

Not only did they build this spacious new spot, they tore down the old location to make room for what I assume will ultimately become more parking. If you've ever been to Pat's in Hampden before, this will be the absolute greatest news of all. Parking around the original building was scary at times, haha.

On their Facebook, it looks like the hours are the same. And I know folks have been psyched to see that their back open. So if you've been seeing another pizza place on the side, waiting for them to re-open... All systems go!

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