In a move straight out of a science fiction movie, the inhabitants of an island that sits pretty between Owl's Head and Stonington have banished all but those that live there from it.

This past Sunday, the North Haven Select Board approved an order that states, "“people who do not reside on the island full time may not travel to the island due to the significant increase in risk associated with the transmission of COVID-19.”

This includes visitors of any type, contractors, and seasonal residents.

Travel to the island is now strictly limited to "essential purposes", which include providing medical services to those that live there, fuel delivery, law enforcement, fire fighting, and the resupply of bulk-items, including groceries.

The 355 people who live on North Haven can travel back and forth to obtain groceries and other personal items, according to the Portland Press Herald.

Those that are determined to have have contracted NOVID-19 must remain in their homes for up to 14 days.

The North Haven Ferry travels the 12.5 miles across Penobscot Bay between Rockland and the island three times daily.

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