If you aren't downright captivated by this cat, check your pulse.

Meet Willow. This wide-eyed beauty is our SPCA of Hancock County's "Pet Of The Week."

According to Executive Director of the SPCA, Nicole Rediker, Willow is a must meet meower.

"If you are looking for a really social and confident girl with a great personality, look no further, Willow could be the perfect fit for you!"

Rediker says it's unbelievable that a cat like Willow is still at the shelter.

"Willow is a spunky two-year-old cat who has been cooped up at the shelter for far too long! Willow has been waiting for her forever home since March."

Don't let her young looks fool you. Willow's got some wisdom beneath those popping peepers.

Willow, Pet Of The Week, SPCA of Hancock County
Willow, Pet Of The Week, SPCA of Hancock County

"When Willow first came into our care, she was pregnant with a litter of six kittens! She immediately went to foster for two months where she raised her brand-new kittens. She was an excellent momma cat, but she was finally ready to come back for adoption!"

Without little kittens to care for, this mamma cat wants to play! And who could blame her?! If you raised 6 kids and still looked as good as she does, my guess is you'd want to live it up a little, too!

"She is a playful, energetic young cat who loves to play with wand toys and plastic balls. She has a beautiful and sleek gray and white coat, and vibrant yellow eyes. Willow could play for hours; she is pretty much a kitten herself! When she finally tires herself out, she loves to snuggle up on a cozy blanket with her favorite human."

While she doesn't mind taking a cat-nap with a cozy human friend, Willow's had more than enough fur-babies invading her personal space, so she's not the fondest of other cats or dogs.

"She is not a fan of dogs or other cats- mostly due to her time cooped up with six kittens. Willow would be ok with kids, but she may play a bit too rough for her own good sometimes. "

If you're interested in learning more about any of the animals available for adoption at the SPCA of Hancock County by calling 207-667-8088 or by visiting their website, spcahancockcounty.org.

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