So should it be the sweet-tasting lobster roll or the Italian sandwich?

A little over a week ago it was announced that a bill may or may not be submitted to the Maine State Legislature for consideration next year, and if passed it would make the lobster roll the official Maine State Sandwich.

Makes sense, doesn't it?

Although, when this topic came up there were others that thought maybe the Italian sandwich should be considered as well, as it had been invented in Portland in 1899 by an Italian man by the name of Giovanni Amato.

Sound familiar? Yes, it does, as Amato's restaurants and sandwich kiosks are all over northern New England.

So we put the poll question out there, should the official Maine State Sandwich be what tourists from New Jersey and New York drive hundreds of miles for, or, an offering of ham, cheese, tomatoes, onions, and whatever else your heart desires stuffed into a submarine sandwich roll and served up with oil, mayonnaise, or mustard?

Now, before you take it for granted that it would be a blowout, it really wasn't, as almost 29% of the respondents to our poll said the Italian sandwich. But, the majority did indeed vote for the lobster roll, and after reading some of the comments left behind on Facebook, for good reason. As Justin points out below it's lobster that Maine is really known for.


Yet another good point was brought up by Jen who reminded us that one can order up a hoagie, hero, grinder or dagwood, anywhere, but that a lobster roll is what makes Maine unique.

Fred Miller
Fred Miller

So there you go, if the proposed bill does indeed make it to the Maine Legislature sometime next year for a vote it looks like the lobster roll will end up being the state's "official sandwich", and it will then take its place right next to Moxie and the whoopie pie.

Lobster Roll vs Italian sandwich results

Although, lo and behold there may yet be another sandwich of sorts to be considered, and one that we're all very familiar with.



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