It's been a big thing for dog lovers statewide this week. Some of them could watch the video of a dog being abused in a grassy area within the city limits of Portland, while others could not.

The video, which we will not show you here, began making the rounds via social media this past Monday, taken by a bystander who watched a man walking and then kicking a small black and white colored dog, before yanking hard and pulling it by its leash with far too much force.

Hundreds of Facebook commentators on Portland Maine Police Department were aghast and called for the man's arrest and the dog to be taken away. The Portland PD released a statement later that day that said the suspect had been identified and charged with cruelty to animals, and that they were now in search of the owner of the dog and also the whereabouts of the animal itself. Also that the city's animal control officer would be following up on the case.

There was good news today, as the Portland Police Department claimed custody of the abused dog, who was shown jumping and filled with energy in a photo posted to Facebook. The dog looked like it was smiling, and possibly happy to be freed of whatever it had experienced prior.

The Portland Police Department also tells us that the investigation is ongoing.

Yes, there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that Maine is filled with dog lovers. Dog lovers who look out for their four-legged friends by taking videos and then demanding action.

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