Bangor International Airport appeared to have a special visit today from the plane that serves as Air Force One.

Footage shared with Townsquare Media appears to show the plane that serves as Air Force One flying in the vicinity of BIA this morning. The Boeing 747 aircraft made several touch-and-go-landings at the airport, according to onlookers.

It doesn't appear President Trump was on board. His public schedule shows briefings in the Oval Office at that time.

Bangor International Airport officials would neither confirm nor deny the presence of the aircraft.

However, 3315 Aviation's Twitter account hinted to a special sight in the sky at 11 a.m., but doesn't confirm the identity of the jet.

On Facebook, 3315 Aviation posted "Hello Venus," at around 11 a.m. using the code name for the jet when the president is not on board.

The plane was reportedly in the area for pilot training, according to 3315 Aviation.

Those who saw the plane got a good look as it circled the area several times.

"We saw the plane circle several times and it was clear what it was. When it came around the final time, we had our phones ready!" said Erin Doughty, who works at the nearby Lobstah Buoy food truck.

According to WhiteHouse.Gov, there are two Boeing 747-200B series aircraft at the President's disposal. The tail numbers for these aircraft are 28000 and 29000, which aren't identifiable in the video. Technically, Air Force One can be used to describe any Air Force aircraft carrying the president.

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