Members of Queen, Aerosmith and Alice Cooper have participated in a virtual reunion for the film 1992 Wayne’s World, part of actor Josh Gad’s ongoing Reunited Apart series.

As many fans will undoubtedly recall, Aerosmith were part of the most memorable "Wayne’s World" sketch on Saturday Night Live, joining Wayne Campbell (Mike Myers) and Garth Algar (Dana Carvey) for an interview and performance on their fictitious cable access TV show.

Meanwhile, Cooper made an iconic cameo in the Wayne’s World movie, greeting Wayne and Garth backstage at a concert before being hailed with chants of “We’re not worthy!”

“I think they probably couldn’t get the Stones of the Beatles,” Cooper joked of his casting in Wayne’s World. “Scraping the barrel until I was the only one left.”

“I was just supposed to talk,” Cooper further explained. “And then when I got there Michael said ‘Oh, by the way, here’s like eight pages to learn.”

Of course, the most iconic scene of Wayne’s World was soundtracked by Queen, a moment in which Wayne, Garth and their friends headbang and sing along to the famous tune of “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

During the reunion, Brian May confirmed that Freddie Mercury not only watched the scene prior to his 1991 death, but that he adored it.

“I took [a VHS tape of the scene] ’round to Freddie not long before he went and showed it to him, because you said you wanted to have the approval,” May recalled, speaking directly to Myers. “He loved it, he just laughed and laughed. He was very weak, but he just smiled and laughed. He said, ‘How wonderful is that?’”

Other highlights from the reunion included the SNL alums discussing the origins of their Wanye and Garth characters, actress Tia Carerre reflecting upon her memorable role as Cassandra and actor Rob Lowe revealing how he got involved in the project.

Watch the Wayne’s World reunion on Reunited Apart below.


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