This bird is about as rare as a chicken with lips in our neck of the woods.

Bird lovers from Alaska to Nova Scotia are all aflutter about an Asian Steller's sea eagle that has been spotted recently right here in New England.  The Asian Sea Eagle is native to China, Japan, Korea, and eastern Russia, so any spotting of one in New England is quite remarkable.

Last year, this bird that can grow up to 20 lbs. was spotted in Alaska for the first time.  It then made its way across Canada, was spotted in Texas, and then was seen in Nova Scotia. People that know birds think that most sightings have been probably that of the same Steller's sea eagle, although some have their doubts about the one seen in Texas.

Either way, this more than likely very lonely bird who is thousands of miles from home was most recently observed and photographed by the Taunton River in Massachusetts, some 275 miles away from Bangor. Birders in Nova Scotia believe that it's the same Steller's sea eagle that visited them a few weeks ago.

You won't be able to miss one if you see it as the Steller's sea eagle is the heaviest eagle in the world. It spends most of its time preying on fish and various other birds that live by the water.

We can only hope that our visitor from the far east finds what it is looking for, or possibly even makes its way back home, somehow.

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