Meet the luckiest, unlucky person in America.

Erik Norrie was vacationing in the Bahamas with his family recently. He was doing a little spear fishing when he felt a sharp pain and heard a ripping sound. The sound and pain was from a shark...ripping off a chuck of his leg. He describes the scene as a clip from Jaws, with blood all through the water.

Erik's faith and family is what got him through the ordeal he said. One of his daughters got on the radio and called for help. Luckily their was a fellow vacationer a few minutes away, who happened to be a doctor.

Erik will need a few more surgeries but has a good sense of humor. He called his ordeal 'the shark bite diet, you can lose two pounds in three seconds.'

Erik has also been struck by lighting, bitten by a rattle snake and attacked by monkeys.

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