Are you a fan of Moxie? Well then you may already know about the Moxie Festival  being held in Lisbon this weekend.  However if you are a casual drinker like the rest of us this may be news and let us tell you the fizzy concoction is just the beginning.

The folks in charge of the Moxie Festival will begin the festivities on Friday July 13th and keep the town hopping all the way through Sunday. Some of the events offerings are:

  • A parade
  • Whoopie pie eating contest
  • "Moxie's Got Talent"competition
  • Block party
  • 5k Run
  • Pancake Breakfast
  • Fireworks
  • And many more fun events listed here

Proud Moxie lovers will tell you that Moxie is the oldest carbonated beverage continuously on the market today 124 years as a soda.  Originally sold as a tonic Moxie is said to cure just about anything that ails you. Moxie's rich history as a medicinal cure-all spans to its current-day infamous reputation, with the tag line "distinctively different".

Here is a little preview.

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