Ron was actually looking for his grandsons and found him seriously bonding with nature at Acadia National Park.

If you are gonna bond with nature, then Acadia National Park is the nature to bond with. According to American Entertainment, Ron was in the Bar Harbor area and Acadia National Park with his wife Cheryl celebrating 47 years together. And their grandchildren were with them. Ron was looking for Theo and found him in the midst of a gorgeous setting.

He said,

I caught this moment where one of our grandsons was communing with this amazing and powerful environment We looked around for him and he was just out there. Beautiful.

Theo and Beatrice are the kids of Ron and Cheryl's daughter Bryce, an actress in her own right (Jurassic World Dominion, The Help, Black Mirror). She has also directed like dad. She directed episodes of the wildly popular 'Mandalorian'.

The love and respect within this family is very sweet. Ron Howard has been in showbiz either acting or directing since he was only 3 years old. He's now 68. He's a rarity among Hollywood actors who started as kids and aren't completely screwed up as an adult. Bryce adores her father and hopes to work with him one day. She would love to be directed by the great Ron Howard.

In the article in American Entertainment Bryce calls her dad, 'the sweetest granddad'. Glad the family can add Maine to their adorably perfect life. Did anyone spot the Howards out and about? Get ready to do some celebrity spotting as I think Maine will be on a lot of A-listers vacation plans.

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