Funny that this video popped up today, my cousin Brian Crawford lives in Washington state and he wrote this yesterday on his Facebook page and very much echoed the sentiment:

So I just went for a ride in a Tesla with autopilot. Craziest experience ever.

His friend wrote:  What do you mean auto pilot

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Brian Crawford: Just what I said. The car drove itself. Kinda. It could hold and maintain a lane,even through corners. If you turned on a blinker, it would change lanes. All flawlessly. Kinda. If you were next to an off ramp, it would just start to take the exit before correcting itself to hold the drive lane.
In case you’ve never seen anything about these cars, Tesla Model S and now X are both high performance electric cars built from the ground up for the 21st century. They can go hundreds of miles on a single charge, don’t use an ounce of gas, and can compete with real super cars. But they aren’t done yet. Now, they are slowly releasing a new auto-pilot feature. Yes, it’s finally here–the Tesla can drive itself in annoying traffic. That is, of course, if you can afford a car for around $100,000.
I personally think I'd have the same impulse to take the wheel back just like the guy in the video.


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