Authorities in some parts of the state were kept quite busy Friday because of the weather.

Motorists in New Sharon were met with icy conditions Friday morning, which led to multiple accidents along one particular stretch of road.

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According to the Franklin County Sheriff's Office, dispatchers started to receive 911 phone calls from drivers along Mile Hill road just before 9:45 Friday morning.

Then things quickly got worse, fast.

Vehicles had already started to pull over to the side of the road because they couldn't get up the hill due to the icy conditions. A Peterbilt tractor-trailer truck driven by 41-year-old Jean Fanfan of Massachusettes, attempted to make its way down the hill, when Fanfan lost all control of the truck, slamming into a number of the cars which had pulled over.

"The Peterbilt struck a parked 2016 Subaru Forrester which was in the northbound breakdown lane facing downhill and had been driven by Julie Burdin (30) of Strong, this caused the truck to veer to the opposite side of the road driving its nose into a deep ditch. As the truck was doing that, its trailer pivoted around 180 degrees and struck a 2015 Subaru which was parked in the southbound breakdown lane facing uphill and had been driven by Nancy Lloyd (62) of Falmouth. Lloyd was standing outside of her vehicle and was on the phone when the truck's trailer slid sideways into her vehicle. Lloyd dove for the ground as the trailer box passed over her body striking her vehicle, as well as a 2008 Chevy Pickup which was parked behind the Lloyd vehicle, had been driven Wyatt Campbell (16) of Phillips who was also out of his vehicle along with his father Ruben Campbell (53) of Phillips. Ruben was struck by the trailer box and thrown to the ground."

The entire crash was caught on Julia Burdin's dashcam as she had been traveling the same road moments before the crash took place. 

It was also caught from another angle on what appears to be someone's doorbell camera. The video is graphic, but you can view it here. 

Franklin County Sheriffs say that at least two more accidents took place along that stretch of the road Friday morning.

Elsewhere, State Police had their hands full in Waterville, along the interstate, as WABI TV says there was a multiple-car pileup on I-95 Friday afternoon.

We will update this story as more information becomes available.

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