When Sharon Osbourne revealed that she had been hospitalized for COVID-19 last month, fans were relieved to know that not only did she recover, but that the Prince of Darkness did not get it, too. In a new episode of her show The Talk, she explained that she's still experiencing some symptoms.

"I'm feeling really fine now, except that I'm still very tired. I nod off at ridiculous times of the day," Mrs. Osbourne said. "I'm good. You know, I went through all the symptoms — headache, eye ache, body ache, dizziness, sickness — you know, all of it. But there's people who are much worse than I got it, they have it much worse. And I just think I came out very lucky."

Though she is feeling a lot better, she's still dealing with some of the hallmark symptoms of the virus in addition to fatigue, like loss of smell and taste.

Watch the clip below.

When Osbourne announced that she had tested positive for the virus in mid-December, she said she had been hospitalized briefly and assured that she was recovering away from her husband so as not to spread it to him. He had tested negative for it.

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