Usually, I run my "What's This Wednesday" clues through JStew to figure out how easy or how difficult the clues are. Since he was on vacation this week, I had to find another audience to try my clue on. Luckily, I have 4 built-in, opinionated, brutal truth-tellers (unless of course something breaks, and then they're total liars!) living with me. So I ran the clue by my kids (4, 7, 9 and 12 years old) and since they couldn't get it, I figured it would be tricky enough...because they usually guess everything!

My "What's This Wednesday" testers. Cori Skall
My "What's This Wednesday" testers. Cori Skall

This weeks clue:

What's This Wednesday Clue for 7-15-2020
What's This Wednesday Clue for 7-15-2020

As always, it's something that's in my office/studio. And I am always amused at the totally random guesses that would absolutely NOT be in my office/studio--but you get so many points for creativity...or maybe you think I am just that strange. Can't say that I'd blame you.

Your guesses this week did not disappoint:

Tina Paradise
Your microphone
Keri Whitney Tiny Mad Hatter Hat! 😂
Robin Winchester Reed Top on a bottle of shampoo or lotion?
Elizabeth Leavitt Your coffee pot??
Matina Ageli Motorbike helmet...
Melanie Perkins Top of a thumb tack
Rob Irwin Some kind of a dish or a pot ontop of the stove.
Tina Paradise Auto base/holder for your cell phone
Felicia Saucier Maybe a ninja
Marcie Lynn Coombs Littlefield Bottle of ambesol?
Kari J. Barnes Decorative vase?
Natalee Kohls French press
Shari Giffard Keefe Instant pot?
May of you were on the same page when it came to one specific guess:
Natalee Kohls Cabinet door knob
Sarah Brown Gas grill knob
Sandra Lyn It looks like a door knob to me
Christine Thibodeau Knob on the stove?
Debra Dudley Doorknob
Thomas Brown Door knob
Cassie Clukey Mitchell Faucet knob
Carrie Mitchell Door handle
My favorite guesses of the morning: It's like you know me so well! (I'd be thrilled to have either of these in my office...I'd also have diabetes by the end of the week!)
Suzanne Cushing Chocolate fondue?
Marianne W. Mills Cake pan?
But the correct answer was: desk lamp!
What's This Wednesday Answer for 7-15-2020: A desk lamp
What's This Wednesday Answer for 7-15-2020: A desk lamp

And this week's "Smarty Pants Bragging Rights" go to: (some of them weren't exactly on the dot, but close enough!)
Wandamae Stoddard Buck Base of a lamp?
Delcina Gomm Lamp?
Heidi Farquhar Lantern
Becki Telesca Base of a lamp
Gregory Gray A lantern for camping/ emergencies.

As always, thanks for the guesses. We'll play again when JStew is back next week!

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