Most of us have heard by now about the 80 animals seized for their safety in Solon. And God bless the Kennebec Valley Humane Society for stepping up and taking many of  them in, that said an increase in population so quickly has left them in need of our assistance.

For now these animals are not up for adoption as they are classified as evidence and not only therefore they are asking for the public to hold back with those inquiries for the time being.  What they are looking for at this time is assistance caring for these animals in the form of donations both product and dollars are accepted and appreciated at this time.

These are the items they are currently requesting:

· Dry puppy food (dye-free)
· Canned puppy food
· Dry adult dog food (dye-free)
· Canned dog food
· Dog toys
· Puppy pee pads

Donations can also be made online at I have also seen stories of some other shelters taking some of these animals as well so if there is a shelter near you they too might be accepting donations for the care of these fur babies.

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