Not too many of us have seen the sport of dogsled racing outside of the television coverage of the  Iditarod. But it turns out we have a few teams here in Maine and they are going to be getting  some training at the Maine Logging Museum (AKA Leonard's Mill)  Best of all the public is welcome to watch and the admission is free.

At this event visitors will have the chance to learn about sled dogs.  Who by the way are really looking forward to the first snow fall, so who knows maybe you'll be inspired to feel the same. In the same way human skiers train on dry land from time to time these athletes get ready with some rig racing on dry land too. The training runs will be starting at the museum and the dogs will run into the Penobscot Experimental Forest.  Small teams have a two mile race, larger teams will tackle the same route the spring Blackman Stream Alewife Run takes.

Dogs will run November 11, from 9 am to noon, from 9-12.  In addition museum buildings will be open from 9  until two. Enjoy the day at the free event--stop in the gift shop to warm up with  some hot chocolate and maybe find a Christmas gift or two!Here is an interesting look at what it looks like elsewhere.


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