Many in Bangor woke up Monday morning to the sound of sirens. But in this case, smoke led not to fire, but to drugs, instead.

Paul Dowling with permission
Paul Dowling with permission

Motorists traveling along Union Street in Bangor noticed smoke coming from a residence in the area of Union St. just past Westland and just before Vermont. Public safety dispatchers started to receive calls about the smoke around 7 AM.

A post on the Penobscot County Scanner Page showed emergency vehicles lined along the road.

The Bangor Fire Department sent a crew out to investigate. Assistance Chief on Duty, Greg Hodge said that when firefighters arrived, "Everything self-resolved without us having to put a drop of water on the fire. Quick and easy for us."

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While the issue of the fire became moot, during their investigation of the scene, firefighters allegedly come across something else of interest, which they passed along to their Bangor Police Department counterparts.

Folks passing by reported on a local Bangor Area Scanner Page, that a tow truck arrived on the scene and then a Bangor Police Evidence Van.

Mason Murphy, with permission
Mason Murphy, with permission

According to Det. Lt. Brent Beaulieu from the Bangor Police Department:

"While looking for the source, firefighters located cash and suspected narcotics in the residence. Firefighters notified the police of their discovery. Bangor Police detectives executed a search warrant at that residence. As a result, a large amount of cash and suspected heroin and fentanyl was seized."

Beaulieu said there would be no more information released at this time, as the investigation into the situation is ongoing.

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