I think we can all agree that stupid traffic anomalies happen everywhere.

I've been to somewhere in the neighborhood of 40+ states in my travels around the country over the years. I've seen some oddball traffic stuff. Usually though, it's in context. Like, you'll come across a roundabout with so many exits off it that it looks like a skill saw blade. Or it feels like everywhere you turn is a one way street, going in the opposite direction of where you need to be.


But I've never felt compelled to take to social media and start complaining about a local area's traffic patterns. Like, before you start bellyaching about Bangor, take a drive through Boston or even Portland for that matter. those streets are so weird that if you take a wrong turn, you may never see your family again. Or that's how it feels anyway.

One Redditor from away thinks the Hogan Road exit is the absolute pits.

Google Street View
Google Street View

Not only did Reddit user u/youngsirx not like what they saw, they decided to find it on a map and complain about it. I'm sure they felt super hoity-toity about the whole thing. But I'll tell you, if you decide to step onto Maine turf, even if it's a digital social media platform, prepare to be destroyed in the comment section. Which totally happened, by the way.

First time in Maine. Why does this off ramp exist?
by u/youngsirx in Maine

Honestly, it's whiny luxury-car drivers, perhaps from Philly (basic web sleuthing generally pinpointed the OP's location) that give Mainers a bad name. They act like their life is ending over an offramp, and then turn around and call us haters for calling them out on being city slickers who think they know better.

If there's one thing that'll raise the hackles of any Mainer, it's bringing your big city know-it-all-ism to straighten us out. You certainly wouldn't put up with it from us, so why should we put up with it from you. You're making a bad name for all the really awesome tourist that come and enjoy our great stat for what it is. Not what you think it should be.

Onto a more depressing subject...

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