Welp, we've had a good run so far...

It's funny... This year the snow got here fairly early. But not in any appreciable amount. A couple of inches here, a couple of inches there, but nothing serious. And I also think a lot of times when it seems like we haven't gotten much snow before Christmas, people actually start wondering if winter is going to come at all, which is kinda foolish.

Today, as I always do at the beginning of the week, I started peeking at the forecast. That's when it came screaming at me from my phone... This Friday it looks like the Bangor area and beyond will be getting its first major snowfall of the season. It's supposed to start during the day on Friday and go on through the night.

So how much of the white stuff are we looking at?

During the day on Friday, we should see amounts totaling up to 5-8 inches, according to Weather.com. As night falls, the snow may just keep falling too, and we could see another 1-3 inches overnight. It's quite possible that we could see our first storm bringing us almost a foot of snow.

Hey... look at it this way. There's a strong likelihood kids could have their first real snow day of the year. As opposed to that little fake one they had right before Christmas. Granted, I'm no kid anymore, so there's no real reason for me to care about snow days. But I'm also barely an adult, so I guess snow days still make me a bit giddy.

Regardless, it's probably time to make sure the snowblower will start, or check-in and make sure you still have a plow guy, haha. Either way, there's a good chance on Saturday morning you'll be saying hello to an old familiar friend... Old Man Winter.

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