This really has been an odd fall-into-winter transition...

In years past, I can definitely remember snow flurries on my birthday in the middle of October. To be fair, I also remember a few years back hiking the Beehive in Acadia National Park because the temps were in the 70s that day. But this year, it was in the 70s on Halloween. And certainly an unexpected amount of 50+ degree days this fall.

I'm not complaining. Luckily, it seems the rain has also kept pace. So I don't feel like my well's about to run dry or anything. But lately, I've been wondering when winter's hammer was finally going to fall. News Center is implying that could quite possibly be this weekend. And naturally, Bangor is situated in such a way that it's hard to say where we'll land on amounts. Or if there will be any.

Regardless, there's a nasty weather system headed our way.

As usual, this looks like it'll play out with the temps. If we trend toward the cooler side, it'll probably be more snow. If temps keep going up, it could be mostly rain. Temps could be near freezing but could edge up toward 40, according to the National Weather Service. Even if we get some snow, it'll be the wet, slushy kind. And it definitely won't stick around very long.

Looking way ahead, there's some potential for more snow right around Christmas. Will it guarantee a white Christmas? No, but it looks like we could get several inches of snow. But a lot can change in the forecast in two weeks. What seemed likely one day could disappear entirely by then. We'll just have to wait and see.

But as far as dusting off the snowblower this weekend, it's also a bit early to tell. But you can bet that we'll all be ready for it, and no one will wait til the last minute to prepare at all. That never happens, right?

Can any family actually agree on this concept?

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