It's time to take the Space Force seriously.

I remember when the formation of the U.S. Space Force was announced a few years back. I thought it was laughable, frankly. Almost ludicrous. Even just the name seemed more like a Saturday Night Live sketch than anything legitimately connected to our country's beloved military. But just the same, it doesn't look like it's going anywhere.

It's America's newest branch of service and one that's been relatively quiet up to this point. Obviously... every other branch has been around almost 200 years, other than the air force. But let's be real, these folks are members of our military, and should be offered the same kind of respect going forward.

Downeast Mainers are about to get to know the Space Force quite well....

According to the Ellsworth American, the Space Force will be assuming command of the naval base in Prospect Harbor. They're doing so to streamline efforts in satellite communications with other bases in California, Colorado, and Guam. The transfer takes place on October 1st.

Other than some small land-use conversations with neighbors close to the base, who objected to tall lights in the parking lot and the addition of fencing with razor wire, most folks won't really notice any changes on a superficial level. And as far as the military activity taking place there, that also will pretty much look the same.

Well then... Welcome, Space Force!

Now that the hazing is over, other than that Steve Carrell show on Netflix, it's probably time to embrace our nation's newest military branch, and accept that as years go by, space will probably become more and more of a reality in day to day living. I suppose it's better to have a plan now, than a struggle for one later.

Besides, it makes it seem like Maine is an integral part of our country's space program now. Maybe it means we'll finally be able to be the next Cape Canaveral..... Mmmmmm, probably not.

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